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Project A1: Lithospheric structure and seismicity of the Rwenzori mountains as part of the Albertine rift system

We arrange a seismological experiment to study the velocity structure and seismicity of the Rwenzori region. A temporary network consisting of 25 seismic stations is deployed in the area for a period of 18 months. The earthquake data recorded during this time can be divided into two major groups: (a) Recordings from teleseismic events are analyzed to image the structural details (seismic velocity, attenuation and anisotropy) of the crust and upper mantle in this region. This will provide important constraints for the modelling of geodynamic processes responsible for the formation of the Rwenzori mountains. (b) Recordings of local earthquakes are used to map active fault zones in the Rwenzori region providing information on current tectonic movements and earthquake risk. The interpretation of our results are performed in close cooperation with RiftLink structural and petrological studies based on magnetotelluric and mantle xenoliths investigations, respecitvely. During the second half of our project we plan to extend our experiments to a larger area along the western branch of the East African Rift System, which is characterized by pronounced seismic activity. Previous large-scale seismological experiments have focused mainly on the less active eastern branch.


Project members:

Prof. Dr. G. Rümpker
Prof. Dr. R. Kind
Dr. I. Wölbern
Dr. M. Lindenfeld
A. Jakovlev

Contact information available via Team

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